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What is business Idea - Ideas Takeaway, Issue 1.

This is a first email of Ideas Takeaway weekly.

Hi, Hackers! Thank you for subscribing to Ideas takeaway. We are 45 people out there, and I'm super excited to run this small experiment and maybe help someone to find a good business idea.

Forty-five is a big amount, and I'm sure we have here people from different backgrounds, experience and skill set. I'm excited to see how this diversity can enrich the input you guys have for the discussion. Looking forward for interesting discussions and opinions.

Here is a quick survey. It will take 5 minutes and help us know more about each other and make this email more helpfulĀ https://ilyalibin.typeform.com/to/T517Je

I'm going to send those emails once a week or less, depends on the inspiration and time availability. Those ideas came to my mind during the day, and I spent zero time to check if something like that exists on the market, because I'm sure, that if there is a market for a tool, there is also a place for multiple products that solve the same problem. Ideas worse nothing - the implementation is what matters IMO.

I want to remind you, that this is open discussions and the things that I present here is just an opinion. I would love to hear your ideas and opinions, so don't hide behind keyboard and monitors, talk to us! :D.

Let's start.

What is business idea? They say it's a solution for a problem, which provides business opportunity, or in simple words - you can charge money for that.
But what problems people have? How can we find a problem to solve.

There are many types of problems. Let's classify them: Lack of time, lack of knowledge, lack of money, desire to be healthier, sexier, wealthier, socialize and many more.

So how can we use those basics, let's call them archetypes problems to find business ideas.

Today I want to talk about lack of knowledge

Lack of knowledge.

You can solve lack of knowledge for someone by teaching him: making an online course, writing a book or providing your professional opinion.
For example, if you good at finances, and you want to help people to invest in ICO, you can analyze ICO's and send your financial analysis for people that don't have time and knowledge to do it themselves.

Another way to solve the lack of knowledge is by simplifying something with a piece of software, that does all the "heavy lifting" under the hood, providing the customer with an easy to use User Interface. Like those guys for example.

Maybe you came with some ideas while reading this, I would love to hear them!

Here is mine:
Listings scraper for Amazon sellers.
If you search for Amazon scraper on Google, you will find many python and node js libraries. But what about people that don't know how to code?

There are many people out there: Amazon sellers, analysts, marketers, manufacturers that browse Amazon for business opportunities, tracking competitors, making price analysis, and marketing researchers. Most of them don't know how to code.

What if they have a tool, with nice looking UI, that allows them to query Amazon for any insights with few mouse clicks, and get an excel file with all info they need.

Example queries:

  1. 500 Sellers in Babies category that sell for a price higher then 50$ dollars.
  2. Top 500 active buyers and reviewers in Babies category to reach out.
  3. Price range for home cameras.
  4. Competitor X price changes.

and many more...

What do you think?

  1. How would you validate this idea?
  2. How would you find potential customers for the interview?
  3. How would you figure out what MVP should look like?
  4. What you think should be the steps to market this product?

if you like this idea - feel free to go for it! Maybe you can partner up with someone on IndieHackers or here in comments.

Please share your thoughts in the comments.